Sanna Rinne Collection is a special environmentally-friendly clothing range, made from 100% remnant and leftover material of textile industry. All products are hand crafted from scratch, carefully manufactured from start to finish to give each product a long-lasting style. Combining fashion & textile design in the process of making a garment gives the product more voluminous texture, shape and dimension. Every piece is designed with the environment in mind, using the best quality natural fiber materials reclaimed locally.

Designer Sanna Rinne's background lies in textile manufacturing. After gaining experience in creating fabrics and earning a textile degree in 2003, she studied fashion design in Finland and in the Netherlands, receiving her design degree in 2007. During her studies, she travelled and lived in several countries, training for the profession under head designers in Cape Town, London and Vagur (Faroe Islands). At the moment, Sanna Rinne's home is in London, where she works and creates new designs.